The London Borough Market

by Rachel on July 28, 2010

British Tomatoes Taste as Good as they Look

I remain completely besotted with the London Borough Market.  Situated under a glass roof just up river from the Globe Theater and the Millennium Bridge, the Borough Market is a bustling street market filled with baked goods, candies, meats, savory pies, and mobs of hungry tourists, including my fine family members.  The photographic possibilities are endless and it makes me very happy just to BE there.  It’s hard to keep an eye on a large group in the midst of all of the activity, so my husband and I split up – with one child each.  My older son, now 11, and I walked arm-in-arm through the market choosing things to photograph and things to eat (sometimes the same item did double duty).  I’m certain that if there is a heaven, it will be just exactly this sort of place.  Enjoy the pictures!

So do British Berries (Taste as Good as they Look)

Even the Beverages are Beautiful

The Owner of this Flower Stall was Mean, but her Plants were Lovely

All I can say is, "More please!"

We made another Visit to Neal's Yard Dairy, my Favorite Cheese Joint on the Planet

The Owner of the Turkish Delight Booth is DELIGHTFUL

Bet You Can't Eat Just One

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